Alcohol is not just taken, it is like an antidote for pain for some people, a joy giver, a cure to a 5mins madness. You could say it causes people havoc, yes, you MAY be right because there are people who can’t work without alcohol in their system, it’s not good for them medically.

Does not mean you should not like or want to have a taste of alcohol on your lips?

It would be hypocritical if you ask me.

It’s in our foods, our creams, perfumes, soaps, snacks e.t.c so why would you now for one reason or another go daggers at people who take it as a drink?.

Quite plainly sincere, alcohol makes the you in you come out, things you would find abominable to do becomes easy, even asking out a girl you like would be easy, because a sip of vodka makes you feel out of Nigeria and you feel you’re in Las Vegas having the best minutes in your life, just a sip, or would you now talk about red wine? It is used in all catholic churches around the world for the purpose of communion, Yes!, Alcohol is taken in churches.

The only problem I see is when one abuse it, take it in excess. And we all love to see the end of things the magic in everything.

Alcohol brings out rage, anger, truth people have kept hidden, death.

Dear Reader, bottom line is: Drink wisely. That’s all.

By AshBurn.


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Good morning people.

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