This is who I am
A kind of guy who felt love wasn’t real
Maybe it’s cos I never gave her time
Until this happened to me.

You see, I met this lady
It was like love featured me on the fate
She gave me something to feel
And in my heart, she built love’s gate.

Some may say it’s fate
Yea so I thought, love at last
She was beautiful in all ways
That I hoped this could last.

Her smiles turned my life
Being with her was a dream in reality
Was in love for the first time
Guess in her I found a new me.

But then, but then…
My phone rang, griii
“Hey babe, I’m coming over by 10”.
Me: ok dear no p.

Again phone rings
Knowing it was she, I looked down my window
And of course, there she was
Looking like whoa.

But then a loud crash
My mouth wide open
But words couldn’t come out.

No no, don’t die on me I said
Somebody get an ambulance
Asake please don’t
Someone, anyone, get an ambulance.

And then that was it,
In a second, it all happened
Death crashed my dream
All I can do now is wish this never happened.

Love gave me life
Death stole it away
Right before my eyes
But my love for her came to stay.

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