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Lazy Nigerian Youths – Motmot

About the Poet Isaac Idehen Ugiagbe is currently a 400L student of Geomatics in the University of Benin. He is the lead graphic artist of Sensei Graphics, a lover of the piano and a Spoken word poet (with the stage name motmot) who aims to change lives by the words the breathes out in poetry. […]

PBG5ONE TVC – Happiness

ME AND HAPPINESS So it is painless to get a box or bar of chocolate, a new tie, gifting of clothing you so admired from friends and family and at that point would confirm and know you’re happy. Come on, how won’t you be happy?  Passed an exam, got an email confirming your attendance to […]


What will people say?

I’ve seen giantsEnd up as dwarfsTaj Mahal blueprintsEnd up as unpublished drafts. I’ve seen CheckmatesEnd up as lossesFor the player, was checkingMates paces to run personal races. Rocks have been reduced to ashesFor they were scared of harsh hissWhat will people say, has left a lot of folksWithout a say in their own lives. If […]


When there isn’t me, there’s no us.

Have you noticed? When I don’t talk,There’s silence between us. When I don’t call,There’s distance. When I don’t text,We run out of words. Have you noticed? When I don’t askThere’s no openness. When I don’t show affectionNone of us cares. When I don’t prayThere’s no amen. Darling, have you noticed?That I’m the one dating us.


What used to bother me, bothers me no more.

Yesterday was a Sunday that had me asking: -where the Sun dey? But things that bothered me,Bothers me no more,For I’ve come in terms with the fact that there are some things I’ll never know, -like who God’s mom is. Maybe when I see Elohim He’ll tell me, Maybe not, Maybe I’ll never know,But the […]


I Bet My Life On You

I know you’ll say it doesn’t make senseAll of the insults I takeFor your sake,That sometimes, being polite is rudeBeing rude to myself,And love is but just a ruse. I know you’ll say reckless loving,Is a fool’s mayhemEndless obsessionIs a madman’s endAnd even the devilWill not dare. I know you’ll warnThat you’re not the oneThat […]


I come and go, but I love you so

Every once in a while, I say hi I go try chyke you like say I don high. Every once in a while I say die But the next day I dey claim say na you be my life. Every once in a while, You see me. But I dey claim say You dey on […]


Give me some

I heard you’ve had enoughGive me some. Enough is enough Why are those that have little or maybe nothing quick with those words? I heard you screamingAnd like time, I have run out of words.Give me some. Take a chill pill, Don’t try to beat the queue. I’m a veteran in your shoes,And here’s a […]


PBG5ONE Thursday Video Content – Loving God

GOD LOVES YOU, DO YOU LOVE HIM? In recent times, our generation has lit up with a great “revelation” or should I say understanding of God’s love for us, and rightly so. We spent a long time – may be too long a time – hearing so much of God’s wrath and justice, while knowing […]

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Sea breeze cologne

With freckles that removedSpeckles from my visionI soon enough swung into a missionMy morale went from zero to sea breeze bold. Beauty that gave me gingerLeft me like I was drunk in aleI said to her;You look like a twilightStanding out like a starlightThey say change is constantBut I pray your freckles never sway. She […]