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Find you (1)

When the picture of you becomes a blur to you, do not fret. Your photographer is standing across from you waiting for you to focus on his lens and stand still. Be still. Let your nostrils consume the portion of air that was meant for you, Breathe in, breathe out and live. You are the only one that […]

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Time has long past since you left, There’s no doubt of my heart aching. Moments of us are all that’s left, So I thought, till these voices came to me. Harrison Micheal Why bring the past of the forgotten grave we shared When we know the depth and size of a grave Those faint voices […]

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Don’t Sleep

These grasses are wet Scattered all over, harvest Our feet are bare, I know, but Don’t slip. These times are stones Our faith is fire-branded, yet when tested with gold, Alike is not the same Don’t flip. If the gourd isn’t of God Don’t sip And when the nights nigh dawn Don’t sleep. for the sun […]

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This is a rap! This is the beginning, and to the end, this is a wrap!! Persie is keeping it true, with realistic lyrics, I tell you, people, this is a rap!!! If you have seen my Aduni III video, well then you must have heard him, the rap soundtrack that ushered me in and […]

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The Fine Act (flash writing)

Theoretically rich, practically poor. The scenario was enough fuel for him to take it all, after all, he claimed he loved all. Oh, how he gnashed and gasped, held on to what seemed to them as nothing, and when they thought they had him, within their grasp was a fistful of air. For when the […]


A million dollar vs her.

Quickly I tell the story of money and honey. Asked to choose one, a getaway from brokenness or you, I chose you. Folks queried, why her? love just isn’t enough and grow up brother, you can’t live life without the paper… I replied calmly as a winner, for the loss they feel I’m lost to […]

BRO-KEN – ET Godspower

BRO-KEN is a spoken word piece written with the imagery of a broken country deciding to have every part that broken by uniting her citizens! A spoken word from the spoken word album “The Revolt” Lyrics: Have you ever been broken into a thousand pieces?This wasn’t the first timeA small boyI was placed in the […]

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I once wanted to write an essay with a detailed description of my dreams. Or rather a particular dream I had nurtured over the years. My dream was quite simple and at that time a bit realistic. I thought of how everyone seemed to want to travel out of the country and I assumed it […]


Paul Word – Be Me

Debut music from a renowned poet, whom I call Ichie Pslamist Paul Lee! for he (Paul Word Uma) has over time proven himself to be a lyrical don winning slam championships and more. In this release, we hear him venture into another form of expressing his lyrical artistry and he sure did justice to delivering the […]