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Ridiculous Two… Not 6

Me and my Guy Me and my guy, I mean me: H3B and Johnny are probably the most ridiculous duo one can ever preach to. You doubt? Let me give you two instances detailing how ridiculous we get at times, hard before I agreed though. On that faithful evening, Johnny was ‘jejely’ that is calmly […]

Wednesday Inspirational

Moral Lesson : Your NatureAn old man saw a scorpiondrowning and decided topull it out from the water.He calmly extended hishand to reach the creature.When he did, the scorpion stung him. With the effect of the pain, the old man let go the creature and it fell back into the water. The man realizing that […]


Misfortune, not tunes.

Misfortune, often missed for tune to which one should dance to, at least with slow moves, but do we really have to? I mean dance to doom that looms out of the unwanted horizon? Then why is it that that’s exactly what we do?. Not here to word-feed you with tales of misfortunes turning around […]

Beauty Met #Monday Comic

***I wanted it, I didn’t need it, at least it wasn’ta must that I have it*** She, yes she, as I walked behind her[Unpreceedented] I wanted her, her figureshames the number 8, curvy lady walked aheadof me, her enticing ass of perfect proportionsucceding her sleek waist swayed as my headgot stuck in a whirpool literally, […]

Fallen, a lover’s note

Fallen I didn’t stumble but I fellLike a paradox, you plunged me into heaven but also unleashed hellIt somewhat baffles me how I fear you yet fear for you. Dear I care… Thanks for the tour, but next time I will pass, not much of a good sight in hell. Thumbs up for the feel, […]


Why? (for brother)

As kids we had the keys to fun, did nothing out of the norm and nothing in the norm, it was a Heavenly paradox. I still remember how we took turns to wheel the tyres, with you quite clothed and me nearly unclad my attire and during some mix up we put up pseudo juvenile […]


Veronica, daughter of ivoryYou who the earth kisses with beautyYou are beautiful because you are blackThy beauty blossoms of the sun’s fullnessWith flaming sheets of pure ebony skinYour black heralds your royaltySmile, dear Veronica , echoes of sunshineFor thy smile is like the breadth of the harmattan mornThy eyes sparkle unto the light Of dayAnd […]


A Talk With God

Dear Lord, shall we? See I’m sorry, my face might not really be showing it but really I am, I get it, you must be pissed at me, I’ve not been making contact of recent even though I need not airtime to, just the life you gave me is enough, pardon me, please forgive me […]

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A just reward

Smith was just nine when his dad died, few months after, mom came home around nine in the morning, it was unusual, he eventually found out mum had lost her job to sheer cruelty. Life was hard, now itstepped up on same path, that Smith was the only child didn’t make it anything less than […]

Responsibility Is A Neccessity

Learn How to take some responsibility foryourself . You’re where you are ‘cos of whatyou’ve done, and what you’re doing willdetermine where you’ll be next. Your actsdecides what’ll be of your life. People alwayswant to be the victim, wanting to alwaysblame someone, dodging responsibilities.“This person did this so am this way…”.Hello, everyone has a story, […]