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The concept of branding II

Yippe!!!!!! happy new month amigo! I’m glad we made it fella and I’m pretty sure you know that 🙂 This month has already started off as a great one, and a testimony to that is this post, a  which actually is the final part to a post I wrote since as far back as  September 25, […]


5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Tech Inclined

Hiya everyone, good morning, I’m pretty sure you’ve had quite a swell time sime we last discussed. Today, I’ll be be discussing the topic that would give those of us already tech-loving super nudge to keep on at it, and those of us thinking it’s a stuff for the nerd, wake up you lazy Nigerian […]


My passion, speaking Domino’s English.

A successful journey came to an end at DOMINO. Let me introduce myself, my name is MB- Khosa, I am an undergraduate and basically I belong to a not well educated village of district lasbela, named “Khosa kun Goth bela”. To me, It was too hard and a bitter time when I resigned a regular […]


Diary Of A Broken Heart

I know loving is not a crime but suddenly you felt handcuffed to the relationship but then it hurts when you told me I forced you into a relationship. I never forced you we both fell in love and at the beginning it was everything we wanted and more but then at a point your […]

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Your Smile.

Joy like an unending river flow Doth it brings Bliss doth it yields For when those lips part, happiness is free. When they part, To reveal a smile or give a kiss Either is a beautiful mystery That always leave butterflies in my belly. Love, a feeling you make me understand, Yet, I can’t explain […]


HeART Call (01)

Today, in this post, we’ll be taking a quick break off writing and like we would be doing every now and then henceforth, we’ll start with this man, a student of UNIVERSITY OF BENIN studying Chemistry but with a burning passion for biro drawings and he dabbles with some other forms of art too, like […]


Dead (A dirge)

Today I question my breath Today I doubt my sanity Today I know God ain’t bias But I’m breathing and he’s dead. I didn’t pray for him for years And in my hustle I found reason not to make contact Today I stare at my meal and his face I see And when I see […]