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This is a true story, and it all began when the man fell. I was to blame for this, cos it was my deeds. My mistake brought sin, I was to be judged guilty. Death stood smiling, holding the keys. I lost the life in me, But then there was a switch… The son of […]

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People say Love’s but a fallacy, I never took them seriously though Cos I could hear Love’s call But whenever I called back, it was placed on hold. And for so long it was, Until I met this lady. At first, I wasn’t sure, But then “Trust me”, my heart said with ease. Her eyes […]

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Alone in my thoughts Deep in pain, I sit wondering why, I mean she said I was her world. I thought with her, love stopped by to say hi. Harrison Micheal Mine was a tale of the century, She loved me like the devil and I became her prey which made me conclude love is […]

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Please don’t die on meAsake no, you can’t leave me this wayFREEZE!!!! Your hands on your head immediately, Your hands on your head I say…  Sir, it was an accident, believe me… By my pleas fell on deaf earsAs my head was smashed to the car screen, Forced to the station, I wept in tears.  And so that […]


ASAKE – Harrison

This is who I am A kind of guy who felt love wasn’t real Maybe it’s cos I never gave her time Until this happened to me. You see, I met this lady It was like love featured me on the fate She gave me something to feel And in my heart, she built love’s […]

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His Soliloquy

And so here we are Just where it all began It hurts seeing you from afar But I guess loving you is all I can. All I needed was just a smile All I asked for, was your attention Yet all to void and I wonder why Why put me in this situation? Guess to […]


So Quick (A Poetic Journey)

Few moments ago I was an infant,  Sinking in the taste of milk from mothers breast. With those warm taps on my back, Putting my head to rest.  No longer a baby sinking in lullaby,  Now a boy forced to school.  Yet mama turned deaf ears to tears from my eyes To myself I said, […]


Sonnets Of Love

  SONNET 01 TO HIS MISTRESS How time flies Memories now seems like yesterday But in speed, time drives And take you away Wish my words could travel Wish time could bring these words to you For in shock my heart marvels On what I feel for you And if only words were enough To […]



My eyes on my phone In shadows my soul lies My heart is cold And my mind sighs My chin soaked in tears My love to her was a problem Grant me the chair And I shall sit to solve them But no she said My heart’s not yours And my eyes turned red Then […]