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Agony Of Death

How dare thee come to us alarm Take away our loved ones like you own them Run our streets dry of men by thy hand Now we are forced to put our fears in pen The grave hungers more But with thy selfish hands, thou makes her too satisfied Thy ears are deaf even to […]


The Call

Wandering through the dark But then I see this light Shining bright from afar And darkness flees at its sight My heart beats in excitement but then am disturbed by grief Then He comes forth, but his face I can’t see And astonishingly, did he take away my grief For He made them his Taking […]

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Beggars On Wheel

Beggars on wheel Hope seems lost Is death the key That’s the question that comes forth Beggars on wheel So the sign board reads But wheels I see not, only archaic wooden sticks And them drenched in poverty’s court With our political physicians Roaming around with their pot bellies Claiming to heal the land But […]


Being Grateful (Spoken Words)

  I was reading my bible And it made me marvel For I couldn’t understand the things I read As examples were in form of parables that I couldn’t fathom like puzzles I remember the path about the rich fool Who had his belly full But was never grateful For he was a fool bigger […]