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LIFE I feel life is more of an experience larger than we imagine, making lot of sense. We live to leave meat to the earth then to meet the Creator, isn’t it mysterious? It amazes me how people live like though we wouldn’t leave. Unconscious of the factual truth we don’t own our life lest we strife. […]


  Not Falling In Love – Part 2

“what time did you get in last night?” Augusta asked as I came down for breakfast. I glanced at the clock and realised and I over slept, it’s already past eleven. “Oh jeez! I am late Bes why didn’t you wake me up” I said, “well we had some issues, with the car and guess […]


Not Falling In Love. Pt.1 (Tuesday Tory)

It’s heartbreaking to think that love might just not catch up with you. That night, after Smith walked out at the bus station, I sat down there for hours wondering how this situation had come to pass.  At first I wanted to believe he was just acting up to get my attention as usual till […]

Bound (Tuesday Tory)

When we hear of Slavery our minds quickly rush to slave trade, selling of people, free town, the black and whites racial discrimination, even the on going Libya slave trade… Lil did we know, we can be treated as slave right in our comfort zone. Servitude to our source of happiness and joy. My name […]

From Within (Tuesday Tory)

… I became psychotically depressed… I stood by the window of my parent house which was burning. The flames grew thick, all I could hear was voices,  ‘don’t move’ ,  ‘help is coming’ ,  ‘stay there princess’. The voices got louder and louder. I stared at the ground through the flames, and moved… ***Black Out***  “… let’s take […]