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COMPLICATEDQuestions remain unanswered, how did we get here?. How did our beautiful dreams became nightmares on elm street. Another beautiful piece from BSc(B√∆ken, S¶ne and C#rt!fied) COMPLICATED How can the one you hate become the one you love?How come the words you never wished to saybecome the very essence of the smile on your lips?How […]

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REJECTED (A True Life Story)

She was the definition of perfection.That coke bottle couldn’t be compared to her curved body.She smiled so bright like the sun,She was that shooting star that wasn’t hard for me to identify.She took all of my attention and became my distraction.Every night I heard her voice and the next morning, I looked forward to hearing […]

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IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER by Endurance Victor. He welcomed her with a warm smile and she smiled too wondering who this cute guy could be. When he was asked to introduce himself he replied with so much eloquence that thrilled her “I’m an Engineer and I solve problems”.She uttered these words quietly under her […]



Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between phenomena, and to generate solutions. However, the education system has continued to kill the creativity in students. Every other aspect of life […]

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MY NURSE by Eazykiel

I fell in Love before I even knew what it meant, when Judith asked me playfully when I was just a kid I told her about my NURSE, that I would marry her, not even understanding the hurdles of love, I met her in the children’s department at the local church she was a beauty, […]

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TRUE IDENTITY (WHO ARE YOU???) A lot of people go through life without knowing their purpose or why they were created. To them, life is a cycle, doing the same thing over and over again but there is more to that. They want to go to college, graduate with good grades, get a job, get […]