After the expensive hype, we all wanted a whole lot. We hoped as a community, yearning, waiting to be fed with the best hangout ever. Dropped in a loop of boundless doubt, unsure of the whole idea, wondering with a punched mind, sharing frequent gaze at how well spiced and diverse the program list was. No one was sure of what to expect. To be honest, we weren’t going to lay blames if the hangout failed.
It started and ended so quick on the 5th of January, no one could articulate how 7 hours went by so soon. Minds were blown off with few elements that tied up the hangout in a unique box.
Here are a few things we noticed.
First, ballersConnect was for all kind of people. Everyone had this freedom, this urge to connect. From the props to the setup, Ballspediatv made the venue a garden that screamed ‘welcome home from afar’ to all kinds of people.
No doubts, minds that anticipated a truckload of flaws was hit with a whole bunch of applaudable performance.
The close up magic by Equilibrium, Body Art stand by House of Ryan, the tons of games and cool activities that were designed to engage people. We feel BallersConnect was more than the regular event and for the fact that it gave all kind of people different and special experience, made it one of its kind.
Considering this to be the first version of the event, we would rate it 7.9/10.
A large room for improvement is available and we expect BallspediaTv to show us a whole new level of creativity on the next edition.
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