Alone in my thoughts
Deep in pain, I sit wondering why,
I mean she said I was her world.
I thought with her, love stopped by to say hi.
Harrison Micheal
Mine was a tale of the century,
She loved me like the devil and I became her prey which made me conclude love is a waste of time without benefit.
Sir Patrick
Shall I love or to hate,
These thoughts hunt my mind
From the day she said “Hey give me a break”,
My heart went anti-mild.
Harrison Micheal
The dancing of her lips uttered those three words( I love you) that turn to mist obscuring my reasonable sense but she used the foreign sense.
Sir Patrick
I believed in those words,
I thought she was mine.
But so quickly her words turn false
Handing me a breakup in smiles.
Harrison Micheal
Distress is what I get for loving her
Fortress of trust she broke without a hammer
I guess I will call her a scammer
Because she played me like Messi and dump me like lawma.
Sir Patrick
This pain I feel hurts,
My heart has lost its beat.
Being dumped and left to rot
Without you, there’s no future for me.
Harrison Micheal
How I wish the heart was known,
How I wish I could tell through her looks,
She hits me when I was still in the heavens of her fake love.
I swarmed in her infatuations mistaken it for affection
Love is blind but her eyes were naked
It was the heart that lost the ability to see(love).
Sir Patrick
When I first saw you, time lost it’s a tick.
It was like the universe had paused for a while.
I wouldn’t blame you cos my eyes bribed my heart to deceive me,
And in your absence now my heart has gone on strike.
Harrison Micheal
The first time you said the word “I love you” my head spun anti-clockwise
And my lips kissed the clouds and it gave a tear of joy
I thought I have seen a wifey
I thought boredom just left my abode
But the pillow was my companion
It cuddles me and took my tears.
Sir Patrick
My dreams turned into movies of you,
I smell you in the air breathe.
My future’s painted with pictures of you,
Why then did you leave.
Harrison Micheal
Now I know love is just a deciphered mystery unable to explain in a clear mind,
Because it brings you rose and the next minute it stings you,
And leave you screaming without a voice.
Sir Patrick
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