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Don’t Sleep

December 30, 2018

These grasses are wet
Scattered all over, harvest
Our feet are bare, I know, but
Don’t slip.

These times are stones
Our faith is fire-branded, yet when tested with gold,
Alike is not the same
Don’t flip.

If the gourd isn’t of God
Don’t sip
And when the nights nigh dawn
Don’t sleep.

for the sun comes,
for the son comes…


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Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry. What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Ochez says:

    These words are deep
    like a missile thrown at the board
    And the target scored, triumph is the feel
    I know. It got the left of me
    I won’t slip
    I won’t sleep.
    You’re deep Frank! Thanks

  2. Tega says:

    This reeks of awesomeness

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