Fulani Herdsman

The north brought us meat.
And we in turn made them friends.
I buy suya almost every night and even speak the Hausa’s man dialect.

I have stayed with them, they are peaceful once they know your heart is pure with them.

Why fight us now?
Why try to break our long term friendship?
Why the conflict?

They don’t joke with there cattles yes we know. Also they should know we ain’t animals that they kill or slaughter.

When I documented this man and his cattles, he was quite friendly. He spoke hausa with my friends and I, they all took pictures with him.

In all, the Fulani herdsman isn’t the enemy, they are always seen with their cattles not with guns.

This is a call for us to see who it is we call the Fulani herdsman.

-E. D

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    • Emmanuella Dunia (E.D)
      Emmanuella Dunia (E.D) says:

      Yes it’s disguise.

      Note, I said “Fulani herdsman”
      And the ones they have caught were they seen with cattle?

      Yeah, somewhat.

      Fulani is not Hausa. Fulani are the killers. They are the actual killers.


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