Aha! hello, there pal, welcome to the month of you know…

Nothing! I’m just kidding with Y’all. But I’m pretty excited for it is my birth month and it’s also another leap in the year and here we are still breathing, something to be grateful to God for, and it started on a Friday! What better time could there be to Thank God It Is Friday! Yay!!!  and I kind of personally think this month starting on a Friday is God’s way of telling us to gear up! It’s going to be fun-filled with blessings.

Today I’ll take the liberty of reminding us that Picture Literature section exists on this platform, a gallery wherein you can play poetry displayed in picture formats and you can also download them. And to open this month as Ichie Wild Pen that I am(one of my numerous sobriquets), I will be sharing some straight out of the oven insightful and cute pieces here, 10 of them to be precise, in this post, I hope you like them… Nah, I’m pretty sure you will, June Lion, yes, I am confident like that. #winks

You like them? then why aren’t you sharing this post already! get saving and relishing the beauty of words, do enjoy, Happy New Month once again amigo, and don’t you dare forget that you are blessed!

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