Happy New Year  to you all.


Yes I really do! Here’s to my guest authors and in-house writers, you guys are the bomb like no one has ever seen!

To our readers, I love you like GOOD HEAVENS, your feedback and readings keep us going!

Thank you all for a 2017 that was like chocolate, promise is to serve you more beta beta yarn1 that’s ever improving, words can’t do! Expect a new year gift this evening y’all.

Airtime + Ebook for the first and Ebook for the rest, handwritten by me, concisely letting out some deep insights.

Beta Yarn happy new year

Expect it, love y’all massively, here’s to a 2018 of greater heights. You overtly blessed in Jesus name!



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And that’s it. Once again, Happy New Year.



PS: First Person To Comment Gets The Airtime.

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1Beta YarnGreat Discuss. Beta has a little twist to it in this context, taking on the greek meaning and the pidgin meaning in line with how it is spoken by the natives of Nigerian. Yarn on the other hand purely derives its meaning from pidgin here, meaning to talk/gist.
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