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January 12, 2019

People say Love’s but a fallacy,
I never took them seriously though
Cos I could hear Love’s call
But whenever I called back, it was placed on hold.

And for so long it was,
Until I met this lady.
At first, I wasn’t sure,
But then “Trust me”, my heart said with ease.

Her eyes were charming and gazing at them became my hubby.
But sadly I couldn’t express myself to her,
My feelings became my secret
Cos I wasn’t sure if I was worth her worth.

Her presence brought me great delight,
My heart couldn’t resist this.
So I went by to say hi,
And in doubt able rhymes I expressed my feelings.

I wasn’t worthy,
Yet she picked me up from the few.
I was unsure of her feelings,
Then she said: “I love you”.

And for so long I’ve been an island,
No one has ever reached this shore.
But here you are standing on my island
I must say you’ve beaten the clock.

And these moments will I cherish
I met a lady who brought me, love,
For her alone, my love shall I preach,
Till death give me a call.

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Harry Micheal

Odiaka Tobechukwu Harrison, popularly known as HARRISON MICHEAL due to his poems and spoken words, He has plethora of poems in his name. Like, LOVE FOR SALE, THE CALL, THIS LOVE, BEGGARS ON WHEEL etc. He's also a poet with students and gifted abilities, and also a of 663Academy, FOS, CITADEL OF LIFE, etc.

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Eloghosa Osagie says:

    Articles from betayarn are always on point. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. I says:

    Something positive. A happy ending. 🤝

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