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I’m a silhouette seeking colors…

May 31, 2019

If you found yourself in my shoes, you would choose to walk barefoot
A lot on my plate isn’t actually nutritious
I’m not balanced ‘cos I ain’t die yet
You’d ask how I became this? I’ve learned from my indecision making decisions for me.

I’m a cross between strong morals and I have to survive
These soiled hands can flaunt a good heart
You may say it doesn’t count
But I tried, repeatedly, more than I can keep count.

When I go 6 ft,
I seldom ignore Bible passages
And pray heaven reasons my plight real deep
And grant me passage still.

I know I haven’t had the worst, but I’ve had my share,
Lots of rooms in the mansion up there, so Jesus said,
For a sinner,
I’m hoping,
they spare. Or, maybe share.

Written by: Cirphrank IWrite PoeticAli
Photo By: Kester Kanayo

Excerpts from an unpublished compilation.


Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry. What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Ochez says:

    This is real. And deep too. Thanks for sharing Cirphrank ❤

  2. AFI says:

    Cirphrank I just stumbled upon this and it arrested my thoughts – now I can’t even go back to think through the lines.

    This poem is something else Bro..

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