I made a promise never to fall in love again
after what I have passed through.
Little did I know that I was lying to myself.
Yes, I saw another one.
Beautiful as an Angel,
Gentle as a Dove,
Her Heart pure as Gold.
She is the spring of joy to me,
She is my Heartbeat.
My encounter with her was  divinely arranged by God.
She makes me normal again.
I became the man I was created to be.
She completes my being.
She’s not perfect,
but together we are perfection.
Yes, she changed me.
My heart stops every time she calls my name.
Her voice so sweet like strawberry mixed with vanilla.
She makes my heart beat faster and slower the same time.
She gave light to my soul,
and helped me to be whole again.
Yes, she is my heartbeat.
I can’t let this one slip by like the others.
She’s too awesome to remain in my “Friend Zone”.
Days turned into weeks,
Weeks turned into months,
Yet she remained not only on my screensaver,
But also in my heart.
My love for her grew stronger with every passing day.
Other girls had to go,
and this one must stay.
I love her, not only for what she is,
But what I am when I am with her.
I lose count of time when I am with her.
When I look into her eyes,
I saw US together.
The sweet glances from her eyes,
So mysterious and deep.
Without her, I feel empty.
Then I decided to finally open up to her.
For all these had been in my head,
And she never knew.
I took that bold step like a soldier ready for war.
Poured my heart to her,
Told her how I felt,
Told her that I love her.
I became scared as she stared into my eyes,
The smile on her thin lips,
Made my heart to spin.
I needed her response,
Then she said in a low tone,
“Stony, I know you love me,
 I have always knew,
 But I take you as a friend.
 You are my best friend”.
Her words pierced through my heart
Like a two edged sword.
My heart was unable to withstand the pain.
It was bleeding inside of me.
It happened again
Another Heartbreak from my Heartbeat.
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