Learn How to take some responsibility for
yourself . You’re where you are ‘cos of what
you’ve done, and what you’re doing will
determine where you’ll be next. Your acts
decides what’ll be of your life. People always
want to be the victim, wanting to always
blame someone, dodging responsibilities.
“This person did this so am this way…”.
Hello, everyone has a story, even Aliko
The YORUBAs have a saying;
“Alagemo ti bi omo re tan, aimoojo ku si owo
omo alagemo”
It means “The chameleon is done giving
birth, the baby’ inability to dance is left to
Your parents gave you life, to nuture and
cater for your need while you’re at childhood
is all they do. They can’t make the decisions
that’ll make you great for you, only one
person can do that, You.
No matter how good or bad the life treating
you, it’s up to you to make something out of
it. Life is not a bed of roses, I personally
prefer to call it a bush of thorns. You need
to understand something, ‘Everybody got a
life, what you do with that life is up to you.’
Stop being the victim, else you end up with
a victimised life, re-orientate your mind for
a better life, take up responsibilities now,
think smart, think great, take sensible risks,
you can’t make something out of nothing.
A word is enough for the wise, an article is
enough to change a sane mind. Make a life.

By El Nino Marvilloso

Edited By Cirphrank Le Pheno Vinci.

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