1. Rock of ages, cleft for me,
    let me hide myself in thee,
    I did read of all you did for me
    and still featured in the sin
    the devil had me, trapped in the closet,
    fed me wrong to the fullest, for it was he I’d made the closest.
  2. None of the labors of my hand,
    was in line with your command,
    I had let cheap facade obscure divine realities,
    my zeal burned still but now selfishly,
    and when the Bible spoke, my response was no,
    I let fear, anxiety, impatience and doubts drown me whole.
  3. Used Grace to ordain impunity,
    started fearing the ills of the worlds, I stripped myself of all immunity,
    forgotten your sovereignty and by actions actions act like I’m not your son,
    I tried doing it by myself, that was me doing myself wrong,
    caught a couple of turbulence and said Rock of Ages cleaved only to close and choke me up,
    but I’m just a man and I’m begging you please, looking to you for saving, I’m staring at you on the inside of me.
  4. While I draw this breathtaking breathe,
    with my prayers coming from depths,
    as I dive deep asking for help, with words borne of pain
    see thee not judging, but showering Grace
    Rock of Ages, cleft for me, you are all I’ve ever had, what’s left for me
    let me hide myself in thee, that I may show forth your glory indeed.


Your what’s best for me.


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