Sonnets of Love



How time flies
Memories now seems like yesterday
But in speed, time drives
And take you away
Wish my words could travel
Wish time could bring these words to you
For in shock my heart marvels
On what I feel for you
And if only words were enough
To spill out these whole stuff
Then maybe my heart will stop to bleed
For in my silence I hope to feel
One last time,
Even if only a dime.



So long gone those shinny eyes
That saw my woeful ballad
And emanated rivers of sighs
Like desert sand
So long gone those beautiful lips
Their taste reminds me of honey
So long gonethose curvy hips
Beyond all my eyes have seen
Far gone those beautiful smiles
Brought up states of dilemma
Though my love lost in my eyes
But written boldly in my heart
So long gone that great love
Till fate brings us again on.


Bleeding heart lies in me
Hopes high on what may never come
All day I sit
Waiting to catch the train of love
To her my heart calls
But no response, so I lie in despair
Her words, “WE ARE DONE”
left me with the robe of pain to wear
Wish her heart calls to mine
And stop this trauma of imaginary voices
But fay dies as my dream sinks
For now it’s clear of her choice
And in silence I drown in love
And my body decay, for love has built me my grave.

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