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I love you. A 3 lines poem to her.

I love you ---------------- 1. If I had money, I'd have you. 2. You'd still be married, but wouldn't have left. 3. If I had money, you'd have believed this poem's title. But now, money is all I have left. Cirphrank
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Alone in my thoughts Deep in pain, I sit wondering why, I mean she said I was her world. I thought with her, love stopped by to say hi. Harrison Micheal Mine was a tale of the century, She loved me like the devil and I became her prey…
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His Soliloquy

And so here we are Just where it all began It hurts seeing you from afar But I guess loving you is all I can. All I needed was just a smile All I asked for, was your attention Yet all to void and I wonder why Why put me in this situation? Guess…