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1234 - Loving you is not easy

1234Loving you is not easyElse, I would have stopped the count at 3I miss not missing you. ABCDLoving you isn't sweetElse I would have stopped at the letter CBut you are no vitamin, more like a deficiency.Loving you is not idealIt's not…
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Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones…
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Time has long past since you left, There's no doubt of my heart aching. Moments of us are all that's left, So I thought, till these voices came to me. Harrison Micheal Why bring the past of the forgotten grave we shared When we know the…
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I love you. A 3 lines poem to her.

I love you ---------------- 1. If I had money, I'd have you. 2. You'd still be married, but wouldn't have left. 3. If I had money, you'd have believed this poem's title. But now, money is all I have left. Cirphrank
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People say Love's but a fallacy, I never took them seriously though Cos I could hear Love's call But whenever I called back, it was placed on hold. And for so long it was, Until I met this lady. At first, I wasn't sure, But then "Trust…
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Who could she be?

After the Rejection from my Heartbeat, The heartbreak was devastating. I felt like trash, like nothing, because of her refusal, lawma. I wanted to end it all. Love indeed is just a fairy tale with no happy ending. I decided to walk home…
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He waited for a year for me because I was still in a relationship with my first love. I told him everything about my relationship because I saw him as a friend. My first love cheated on me with two ladies and I decided to end the relationship.…

A million dollar vs her.

Quickly I tell the story of money and honey. Asked to choose one, a getaway from brokenness or you, I chose you. Folks queried, why her? love just isn't enough and grow up brother, you can't live life without the paper... I replied…

Breaking News: You will not die if you just ask her out! (2)

Hi there, happy new week, this was supposed to come through on Sunday even though I did not say earlier but then, though I'm not a fan of sorry I apologize for being away for such an interval, miss you guys and it always feels good to do this…

Breaking News: You will not die if you just ask her out! (1)

Hi there, happy Sunday pals, this month sure crazily have love and progress in the air! and I'm glad you breathing fine! Today I'll be discussing an issue with us that sure is pissing me off and cracking me up at the same time! yea yea, you…