If you don’t know already, know now: If it wouldn’t be of benefit ain’t telling of it. Simple.
It would be an error to be in Benin and miss this. A real time great error. It will be outright ridiculous that you are a UNIBEN student and you saw this but still missed attending, this is me informing you of quality coming for free.
In life, you are either marred or made, and you can’t go the former if you read right and listen likewise. 
Come 8th of May, blessed is that Monday amongst her peers, come have fun, and at same time get more  than a nudge to become great. Come hear the very things that elevates, the tips that makes great feats easy to achieve. Come take your life back!

🕓4:00PM | 8|05|2017.


👥The WOW Academy.

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