Okay when I say the song’s name at first I was like what on planet earth does that means? Huh? You thinking same thing too? Well it means … Wait for it joor.

Quick intro;

Pius Dalitrel is a Gospel rapper that’s bringing back the realness in rap yet keeping it divine, he’s a UNIBEN undergraduate who’s studying an engineering course and lives for a divine cause.
His lyrical contents are sound and original, he’s one heaven of a shot to watch out for. This track is what I’d say is a Gospel hip hop, clean and still would get you moving, you know I don’t just post anyhow, most especially when it comes to music, download Taken Away My Pain below⬇ now and you’d be glad you did, it’s a good way to utilize mb. ‘Make I no too talk’ Enjoy.

Happy New Year in advance. ✅©ertified.

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