Upon getting to the end of the tunnel I cussed and swore, bickering at the brick wall, one which only my hate was thicker than, my hate for those that said I’d find light here, I was feeling betrayed and disappointed, but it only made God cackle, laughing like thunder having fun, I questioned what was cracking HIM up, HE rolled HIS eyes and at that moment I could have swore I saw an emoji as HE went on to tell me what’s up, (in my mind, I said; I didn’t picture that the Lion of Judah would be this friendly and informal). HE went on to express what he found annoying though funny, said, you feel disappointed? not as much as I am at your actions, one whom I have chosen, the appointed.
You’d see nothing but a wall, for you let the words of men get to you more than mine does, forgetting that you are the light you have endlessly sought, and as you took your walk through the tunnel (staying under) you led none but only joined in on the train of light at the end instead of light I bear and blare, ignorance you hallow, want to make me wallow but I only pray you change and take charge of your fate using the authority bestowed upon you via your faith in me. Dear apple of my eyes, you are too precious to be a mason clawing through this piece of facade, this time I am waiting to see you on the other side of the brick, a leader, having brought many out from under.
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