A feeling so deep is hard to forget

And although I tried so hard to un-love
But it seems love has made me her pet
And deeper in love’s pit I fall
Love’s trauma do I face all day
And mosquitoes whispers in my ear all night
Your love’s unreturned do they say
And truly are they damn right
They say love is blind
But has lost trace of when my love began
And now her blindness is mine
For to be blindly in love I am
More than words have I shown
For on my screen, her pictures I gaze
But never have I gotten close
Close to be loved in return
For if this love of mine be crime
Pass me the death penalty
And I shall accept in smiles
Cause my love has gone beyond death’s reach
Even hatred lays envious
For if wishes lays on stars
Hatred would ride on them like it’s horse
Only to steal that love from my heart
But it’s impossible
As my love for her remains
And although she has no clue
For its my loss and her gain
But although this poem be read by all
And to her my love still calls.


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