“You know you are staring at me funny right?” she asked, she didn’t have to tell me that she was doing all the planning just to make me happy. I stood up and wanted to apologize for making her go through the annoying three days of my craze for a girl’s birthday but she wouldn’t allow me.

“Pervert!” she said, teasing me for absolutely reacting the same way a normal man would react in front of a beautiful girl wearing a nightie. It was clear she was not ready to say anything, and I knew her better than try to get it out of her.

“Fool! I am straight remember?” I tried staying awake till 12am but evening doses got the better part of me.

I woke up by 6am and for once didn’t check to see that I was not a ghost. I called Miriam to wish her happy birthday and the call was filled with “Ummmm…. Ummmm….”

“10am, I am coming to pick you up, we have a flight to catch,” I told her the day before that I was going to make her wish of a different type of birthday come through but she thought I was joking when I said we had a flight to catch. Lami went to the exam hall with the Mercedes and I had to get a taxi ready. The taxi driver had to drive into school to pick her because it was raining heavily. She entered the cab, sitting close to me and my body went numb. Before I continue, I want to let you know that I am a sucker for girls in black.

With that stated, I can boldly tell you that when she gave me a friendly hug, looked into my eyes and smiled, I was lost for words. And I am not going to describe how beautiful she was, e go be like say I be pervert.

Anyways, I told the driver to take us to the airport and she laughed – I hated that her laugh made me forget how to breathe – she started taking me serious when the Taxi Driver pulled into the Airport.

“You can’t be serious right?” she asked.

“If what you are thinking does not have to do with me taking you on a private jet or flying a first class to Abuja, then I am serious.“ I retorted, giving her a flight ticket.

“Are we coming back today?” she asked. “You haven’t even seen the surprise yet. And no, I don’t think we will make it back today.” She complained about missing church and just maybe I didn’t think about that before planning, what the hell was I thinking?

“Call and tell them that the GCON is hosting you.” I said.

“You don’t get it, I am handling the leadership meeting tomorrow, and my colleagues are planning a celebration after Church. I had to postpone them because of you.”

I was probably looking like a dumb beggar. I was trying to come to terms with what she was saying, after three days of planning, she doesn’t want to go? For why?

“Even for a selfie with the President? Minister of Defense? First lady?” Just maybe I was yet to give up.

“Bala, not even POTUS. I am so sorry.” And then it was clear, she wouldn’t neglect her duties in the Church to go have a dinner in Aso Villa. Not even for the President of the United States (POTUS).

“But you can call your President or Pastor… Take an excuse or s-”

“Today is Saturday…” she interrupted.

“Ok… Its cool… I understand” I said.

` See your life? What were you thinking? She is a church girl man… I was losing it so I just had to step out of the taxi, dawdling the lifting of my bag from the taxi, hoping that she would say “Freak it! I am going with you,” but she didn’t.

“I will see you when I am back, Mamah Myrrh.” I said with a wryly smile. I could feel her hurt but hey, I was cool right?

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