“You neglected your duties just to go and stand with a friend? The same boy that we talked about on Sunday? What were you thinking Miriam? For Christ’s sake people are looking up to you…” One of the young men said. I noticed that someone was in the middle of the circle, Miriam.
“Miriam, I need you to tell me what that was all about,” another said.
“What is the boy’s name again?” somebody asked.
“Balarabe, Balarabe Jang.” It was a female voice this time around. At least she called it the Agent 007 way.
“He drives a car, and I heard he is a drug addict.” Another female voice. Drug addict? Now that was underestimation. Drug addict dey learn for where I dey.
“I don’t know where all this is coming from but you people have to trust me, He is like a junior brother to me. And I am sorry I had to leave my duties, I just had to…” I finally heard Miriam speak. But then a familiar voice had to interrupt her, “Had to what? You promised not to hang out with him again, you agreed that he is a bad image to your position. What was it you had to do?” It was Joshua, that brother’s cord guy. I had heard enough, I just had to end it.

“What is this? School of Cardinals deciding who the next Pope is?” I had no idea if that made sense, but it gained their attention. Even in the dark, I could feel their eyes on me.
“Young man you are not supposed to be…” one young men was trying to stop me from going closer.
“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME.” I admit, I shouted at him.
“I just came to tell Miriam that I am going home but I see the desire for the best of ‘em women exists among the holy ones too. Well, see you next semester Miriam.” I turned back to leave and Miriam tried following me but they wouldn’t let her. I was supposed to wait for Lami to come pick me after service but I didn’t even care to check if she was at Basement car park. I walked through Blue Meadows and saw a taxi that took me to Oluku. I had switched off one of my phone and the other was in the car. I just didn’t want anyone bothering my life. And I was not angry.

Ok! Maybe I was angry, but I was not angry because of the conversation I eavesdropped on, I was angry because right in that gathering were people that were actually better than me. How many of them had to spend years in the hospital recovering from surgeries? How many of them came from a broken home? How many of them were abused? Their confidence sold? How many of them dropped out of a private University just to spite his/her parents? How many of them destroyed a girl’s life? Eye issues? And how many of them have the doctor ever told that they might be paralyzed at 30? None… I guess. I knew I was bad influence, bad image and I was too broken to be seen with Miriam. How much more God?
Na partial healing guy… you go still get migraines tomorrow. You just have to take your drugs. And the voice was back.
At some point I wished I could do like the movies, take alcohol and wake up the next day but would it be cool if I tell you the smell of alcohol gets me dizzy?
At about 9PM, the Generator was powered on and I knew immediately that Lami was around. Umoru wouldn’t touch the Gen except any of us instructed. She came in the room and started telling me how she waited and how my phone was switched off. She asked me what was happening to me and I didn’t even bother telling her because it was obvious that she was aware. Miriam’s body spray was on her and I could smell Miriam all over the house.
“No you didn’t!” I said in disbelief.
“Yup! You can kill me later. Can I please take the car home?”
“And who would take her home?” I asked.
“You can get her a cab. I seriously can’t be here while you two make up.”
“Why? You brought her here.”
“Yup! And I hate myself for doing it. Have a goodnight rest oga.” Lami left me in the room; she couldn’t look into my eyes, and it didn’t feel right. Seconds later, the car was on full front light.
“Perfect, now I am alone with Miriam.” I muttered.

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