Sometime earlier, same thing that happened to the now 9mobile happened to the TV game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Her major sponsor MTN pulled out and unlike the telcom network that simply changed name, they just had to shut down operation.

But guess what??? 
There is good news!!! the Tv show is about to go operational again!

11hours ago, WWTBAM took to their twitter handle to announce the arrival of their new sponsors:
#PressRelease announcing the return of #WWTBAM and introduction of the new sponsors ongoing…#WWTBAMReturns

— WWTBAM (@WWTBAM) August 29, 2017

And then they followed it up with this tweet:
Welcome on board @airopaycare, the new sponsors of @WWTBAM. We look forward to a great partnership with your team. #Signed&Sealed.

— Ultima Studios (@Ultimalimited) August 29, 2017

And then they posted the picture above with the caption: “We are back like we never left!” with CC: reference to the show’s awesome host Frank Edoho and their major organizer Ultimalimited
Meanwhile in another entirely related news, when asked if he’ll still be the host, Mr. Frank is busy playing coy:
😊Thanks. Host will be revealed to you soon.

— Frank Edoho (@frankedoho) August 29, 2017

For me, I’m just glad they are back and can’t wait to see Sir. Edoho scaring people again and yet knowledge we gain.  Expected Time Of Resumption : 3rd, September 2017.
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