Why? (Spoken Word Poetry)

Most times I ask myself
Why stay awake all night on whattsapp and instagram
Chatting and posting the necessaries and the un-necessities
Like it’s our destiny

But when it comes to church activities
Like fasting, evangelism and praying
We find ourselves giving excuses and frequently sleeping
And even during vigils, we find ourselves
Snoring like there’s an award for it
So I ask you again, WHY?

Why do our girls find it so easy
To spend time on makeup
But wouldn’t wait for the benediction
Before leaving the house of the Lord

Why fill your heart with negative thoughts
Which has made us go nuts

Why do we find fornication
And adultration an inspiration or motivation
Which has caused us to disobey God’s instructions
Above all,
We ain’t even heading towards heaven’s direction
And don’t get me wrong
For am not trying to bring us here to condemnation
But all am asking is, are we on the right direction
Or have we deviated to the wrong direction
Which would only lead to our extermination

Why have we forgotten about God’s work
And have abandoned his call
Forgetting  that for us he became poor
So we may be rich and have all
For he can give into us all we can ask of

Why have we forsaken discipline
And soaked our hands with immorality
And for our ladies
Who are more concerned about looking sexy
As they expose their parts for the world to see
Let me ask you this
Where is your MORALITY?
is it buried in your handpits
While you expose your privacy
And claiming fun you seek

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It pains me for we have forsaken eternity cause of sin
Forgetting that sin soul only put us into death’s pit
For that is it’s wages

No wonder Mugabe asked
Why we exist in a generation where
People in relationship find it pleasant to touch each others private part
But can’t touch each other’s phones
Because they are PRIVATE

But permit that I ask you
Which would you prefer


You would like

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