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Your Smile.

March 9, 2018

Joy like an unending river flow
Doth it brings
Bliss doth it yields
For when those lips part, happiness is free.

When they part,
To reveal a smile or give a kiss
Either is a beautiful mystery
That always leave butterflies in my belly.

Love, a feeling you make me understand,
Yet, I can’t explain
You would think 24 hours should make my day, but no
Your smile is the only therapy that does it for me.

So, come rain, or hay
Please never fret, nor squeeze thine face
I’ll always do my best to put a smile on it,
And please, come what may, also, always try to crack it.

Frank Okunwe

Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry. What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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